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lyricaltastic's Journal

J-Lyric Romanizations
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(・ε・)ノ おっー!

This is leira's collection of lyrics. I transliterate song lyrics from Japanese to English, based on whatever captures my interest. I repost them here for the purpose of singing along for anyone who stumbles across my journal. It's my more "fun" way of studying Japanese (and so far paying off). I include both the original lyrics and the romanizations in each post. I don't do translations at this point, but I may occasionally make comments about things I understand as I write them out. v(。・ω・。)ィェィ♪ Please feel free to ask questions if you have anything! So long as it isn't a full song translation, lol. I also take requests for song romanizations, although it's not common to receive them, and this is mostly just my way of doing something with all these lyrics that I type out, haha.

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